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Rich Commercial Realty’s exclusive buyer/tenant representation, along with a full range of services and in-depth experience, ensures that you’ll locate the commercial space that fits your unique needs for the best possible price.

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  • Feb 23

    Does Your Lease Protect You?

    Operating Expense Reconciliations & Lease Audits: Does Your Lease Protect You? All commercial real estate leases deal with operating expenses in some way, shape, or form.  In Full Service office leases, the most common form is with a Base Year.  […]

  • Apr 18

    What Drives Employee Productivity?

    In order for companies to attract and retain the talent they want and need, more and more companies are looking at what drives employee productivity. One trend that seems to be increasing is a mixed-use environment, or a campus-like setting. […]

  • Mar 18

    Real Estate 101: The Do’s and Don’ts

    Real Estate 101: The Do’s and Don’ts! Prospective tenants should be aware that what they say and how they act at the outset might greatly impact future negotiations for their lease.  Here are some tips on the dos and don’ts […]

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