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Buyer and Tenant Representation

It’s all we do.

Rich Commercial Realty’s exclusive buyer/tenant representation, along with a full range of services and in-depth experience, ensures that you’ll locate the commercial space that fits your unique needs for the best possible price.

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  • Apr 07

    Part One: Why Use a Tenant Representative?

    To many, adding a tenant representative into the commercial real estate leasing process may seem to make a complex situation, well…more complicated. Tenant brokers are here to save your company time and money all while helping you transition into your […]

  • Mar 24

    Online Listings: Not As They Appear

    After your company decides to search for a commercial space, your first instinct may be to gather ideas from an online search. Why not? You search for everything else online! Hundreds of listings, throughout your ideal location, are at your […]

  • Mar 10

    Tips for Renewing a Lease

    Before your company’s office lease expires, ask yourself, “Should we renew our lease?” STOP! Don’t do anything yet. Did you know that on average, 70% of tenants will renew their lease? However, if you are unhappy with your current space […]

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