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Buyer and Tenant Representation

It’s all we do.

Rich Commercial Realty’s exclusive buyer/tenant representation, along with a full range of services and in-depth experience, ensures that you’ll locate the commercial space that fits your unique needs for the best possible price.

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  • Jan 13

    Turning Your Office Green

    “Going green” may have been thought of as a passing fad, but it is here to stay. Interested in how your company can GO GREEN? Follow these tips to initiate a green policy for your company: Lighting: Which lights need […]

  • Dec 19

    Why are Tenant Brokers Necessary?

    Landlords have their own representation in a lease process, so why don’t you? If you believe that you can find a step-by-step comprehensive guide on how to represent, negotiate, and finalize a commercial property lease by yourself, all while getting […]

  • Dec 19

    Listing Agent vs. Tenant Broker

    Looking for a commercial space to rent or purchase may seem challenging, especially if you do not understand the difference between the listing agent and the tenant broker. If you try and do it yourself, you will interact solely with […]

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