“Rich Commercial’s representation was invaluable to O’Brien Atkins and their professionalism was impeccable.”
— John Atkins, Chairman and CEO


As a leader in creative architectural design and engineering solutions, O’Brien Atkins was in need of a more efficient space that met the future demands of their business. O’Brien Atkins engaged Rich Commercial Realty (RCR) to help them further understand viable options within the market based on the firm’s valued brand and space requirements. O’Brien Atkins had occupied the top floor of the building they designed and had occupied since the mid 1980’s. Recently, progressive advances in technology have heavily influenced many professional firms to reconsider their workplace environments. Making changes to their space posed a challenge for their Landlord given that the firm occupied the entire top floor.


By strategically evaluating the market, RCR built leverage with the current Landlord and secured strong economic terms for a renewal option. O’Brien Atkins reduced their square footage requirement by one-third, resulting in more efficient space and substantial savings in rent. As part of the strategy to improve space utilization and optimize functionality for the firm, Rich Commercial Realty was successful in negotiating a shared board room and enclosed a former patio for needed additional square footage in their space. All of these improvements were made at the Landlord’s expense.