Investors, regardless of whether they are local, regional, national, or institutional, are facing a challenging investment environment. With tight markets, CAP rates have compressed and market activity is very high. Buyers face tremendous competition, and each deal faces various challenges to getting to a successful close. Knowing the challenges investors face, we are able to target and locate key properties based on investment strategy and, most importantly, manage a detailed and streamlined process to ensure a successful acquisition.


  • Investment Strategy Development
  • Market Insight
  • On- and Off- Market Searches
  • Data Collection


  • Financial and Economic Analysis and Reporting
  • Deal Structure and Negotiation Expertise
  • Value Add Opportunity Analysis
  • Cost Projections and Forecasting
  • Asset Analysis
  • Cost Segregation Studies

Due Diligence

  • Due Diligence and Process Management
  • Detailed Tenant and Lease Review
  • Lease Abstracts
  • Value Add Opportunity Analysis