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Following the most recent and epic Raleigh snow event, we thought it would be entertaining to share our top ways to enjoy a snow day!  Let us know what you like to do on those cold winter days.

Don’t Drive:

Everyone likes to say that people from North Carolina don’t know how to drive in the snow.  We actually think North Carolinians do know how to drive in the snow, we just have everyone fooled so we don’t have to go to work!  One inch of snow…surely the roads are so dangerous that I couldn’t possibly drive a few miles on a main road to work!  Snow melted for days now….probably still too dangerous to drive, see you next week!  Eight inches of snow…see y’all in June!  Besides, all that salt is bad for your car anyways.


Snow day means you are in your pajamas until further notice.  Hard to say when the next shower might happen, it depends on the Wake County school closure announcements.


WRAL has called for an inch of snow, quick rush to the grocery store and elbow the nearest person to make sure you have milk and bread!  Something about snow days call for soup and anything else that will warm you up.  There is also something about sitting around inside all day that requires continuous snacking!


If you have kids, sledding is a must…if you don’t just look back at some old pictures on Facebook and remember your childhood, its just too cold out there, stay inside.  Of course every snow day calls for a massive binge watching of Netflix, Prime TV, HBO Now, you pick your poison.  After a while though, it is time to put the phones and iPads away…snow days call for puzzles, cards, and other analog games.


Cocktails at 5 pm is out the window.  Snow days call for Hot Toddys and anything to warm you up from that bitter cold.