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You’ve been in your space for a while; business is going well, and you feel the need to expand to take advantage of more opportunities, hire top talent and get to the next level of growth.  You keep reading about companies with a great brand and what they are doing to attract the talent they need to get them to the next level.  You feel your space is beginning to show its age and begin to notice other buildings and offices that are updated and fresh.  STOP!  It’s time to engage an experienced real estate advisor who can assist you!

You want more than a broker to tour you around, solicit some proposals and get a deal you can sign off on, though that might have been your process last time.  You have heard from others about the great experience they had using a real estate team who really got to know them and their business, took time to understand their mission and values, their history, present and future requirements, and most importantly, their strengths.  This kind of team would be clear on your objectives, help you uncover your aspirations for your space, and elicit what impressions you want others to experience who work in and visit your new space. They will help you look objectively at ways to measure your success throughout the process by setting realistic expectations based on current market conditions and creating a time frame of what it takes to make this successful.  They will get to the heart of diving deep into what special needs you have and how to help you achieve them.  If you have boxed yourself into a jam with time, they will assist where possible in a creative approach, so you have the time it takes by making a decision that will work for you and your company with flexibility and options for the future.  Lastly, they will uncover what has worked in the past and what has not to help you achieve the most optimal efficiency and productivity with a space that maximizes profitability.

This kind of advisor is not just a broker working on an assignment that will enable them to get closer to their goal for the year – they are a passionate, caring people who love what they do.  They want to do more than just win your business because they want to perform a service that creates an allied partnership that you can trust for any real estate decision that helps your company succeed. This kind of broker wants to build a relationship that will last a lifetime.

If this is the type of experience you are looking for with your real estate decision, Rich Commercial Realty would be honored to share our unique approach and experience with others who have come to trust us and who welcome the opportunity to share their experiences with others.  During our 30-year history, our team has over 50 years of collective experience with hundreds of clients ranging from corporations with multi-state locations, to small entrepreneurial start-ups. We invite you to experience our experience.