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Fact 1: Hurricanes equate to parties. Hurricanes are to the Carolinas as blizzards are to the North. This is just one more excuse to buy cases of Natty Light. It’s not dubbed “the beer of the Carolinas” for nothing.

Fact 2: Non-perishable snacks are the best. That’s when we opt for the 3 C’s: chips, cookies, and Cheez-Its. This will save us until the Bojangles opens back up.

Fact 3: No power? No problem. History proves that we have come up with ingenious ways to entertain ourselves during a hurricane. If you don’t believe us, see Fact 1.

Fact 4: Prepped and ready. Doomsday prepping has nothing on us. Flashlights, batteries, candles, weather radio, gas, chainsaws, beer. Check, check, and double check.

Fact 5: We love our beaches. The Carolina beaches are second to none. We will not let a hurricane ruin that. We will rebuild, better than ever. #PrayersForCarolina. See y’all next summer!