Voith is a global technology company headquartered in Germany and specializing in paper production, energy, and raw materials. After being introduced to the CEO of Voith, RCR learned of the company’s desire to expand and relocate their current North American headquarters from Wilson, NC to either Raleigh or Atlanta. RCR was tasked with locating an appropriate space with easy access to the manufacturing facility in Wilson and the Raleigh-Durham Airport. RCR performed an analysis and discovered that travel from the Germany office was quicker to Raleigh than to Atlanta, due to the heavy traffic in the greater Atlanta metro area. RCR used this opportunity to pitch the benefits of the growing Raleigh market and introduced the Voith management team to the Wake County Economic Development Director. With the County’s help, Voith was provided with excellent, data-driven analysis comparing Raleigh to Atlanta which ultimately helped Voith select Raleigh as the site of its new office headquarters.


RCR provided a range of available properties within Voith’s desired time frame for the relocation. RCR began soliciting proposals for the most cost-effective Class-A options that provided easy access to I-40 and I-440 for access to the airport and to the manufacturing facility. When the top option was selected, further negotiation reduced the rental rate by 15% over the term, fixed controllable operating expenses, and provided an above building standard “turn-key” tenant improvements at the landlord’s cost. Additional options to renew with fixed rent increases were obtained for the tenant to secure future rent protection in the growing market. Voith’s Germany-based management team were very pleased with the location and terms that RCR negotiated.