McKinney is a full-service advertising agency whose passionate and talented team help their clients achieve creative, impactful results. McKinney’s client list includes such major global brands as Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, Audi, and Sherwin Williams. Headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, McKinney first engaged RCR in 2002 to assist with evaluating their current and future real estate needs, resulting in a relocation to American Tobacco Campus, a revitalized historic property in Downtown Durham that has now evolved into one of the most sought-after areas of office space in all of North Carolina. Most recently, McKinney re-engaged with RCR to understand the current market conditions in order to keep the firm situated in Durham’s ever-changing downtown.


RCR and the McKinney team identified operational needs and lmitations with their current space. RCR gathered market information and sought out potential relocation opportunities. With limited availability in the Downtown Durham submarket, finding potential office opportunities for McKinney’s square footage proved to be a challenge and the process ultimately uncovered that a relocation would have to be to a first-generation space. Understanding the lengthy timeline, cost, and process for these options lead McKinney to the decision to stay in American Tobacco. RCR was able to strongly negotiate with their existing Landlord, achieving a tenant improvement allowance for McKinney to perform much needed interior improvements while still paying a below-market rental rate. RCR was also able to negotiate the return of securitization and secure parking for the long term as parking becomes more of a challenge in the growing urban environment.