With 17 locations across the Southeast, Virginia based Benny’s has become the favorite of many and well known for its massive 28” pizzas. As a longtime client of RCR, RCR had assisted Benny’s in purchasing and leasing spaces for locations in other markets in the southeast prior to Benny’s opening its Raleigh location. Benny’s determined that with the influx of people to the area they wanted to have a presence and had to be downtown.


Benny’s business model required a smaller retail space in a high foot trafficked area that could attract customers from the lunch hour through downtown’s late-night scene. Though downtown Raleigh lacks in small retail spaces, RCR uncovered multiple opportunities both on and off market for lease and for purchase. It was decided that being on Raleigh’s most well-known downtown street, Fayetteville Street, would be the best location and get the most foot traffic. RCR went to work to negotiate the deal and was able to drive down the rental rate, get an operating expense cap in place, as well as get an option to renew to ensure Benny’s can continue to serve their massive pizza slices for years to come.