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In our firms 28 years of exclusive tenant representation we have learned a thing or two about tenant needs from their commercial real estate advisor.  Organizations want timely, quality information to drive decision making, and they want that information to be delivered by a firm that holds honesty, integrity and trustworthiness in the highest regard.

The decision-making process and be complex and have various layers of approvals in many cases.  As such having the appropriate data and analytics to support a decision is a must.  Organizations want information they can rely on, and advice and recommendations that speak to their strategic goals and objectives. Making prudent decisions about the amount of space, the term, exit strategies, and cost all factor into decision making.  Often, we have seen tenants who have made bad choices based on poor advice or analytics.  Our process is geared towards providing all of the information needed to ensure the decision-making process is data and goal driven.

Responsiveness is another highly important trait that organizations desire from their real estate advisor.  In today’s current real estate market, advisors are busy and often responses or tasks are delayed or fall through the cracks altogether. Our firm works in teams and has set a strategic goal to be timely in all of our responses and work.  We have found that communication is key, such that if there is a necessitated delay, the client is aware and understands why.  Leaving a client wondering where things are in process is unacceptable, and brokers get fired for it every day.

Finally, clients want to know you care…not just pretend to care but truly care about them, their company and employees and their families outside of work.  We have built our firm based on relationships, and in many cases our clients have become our close friends and advocates.  If we remember we are all people who have similar basic wants and needs and not just opportunities to close another transaction, then we will have a client for a lifetime.