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“Going green” may have been thought of as a passing fad, but it is here to stay. Interested in how your company can GO GREEN? Follow these tips to initiate a green policy for your company:


Which lights need to be on at which times? Do they all need to be on 24/7?
Can you use more energy-efficient lighting, like LED bulbs?
Are there sufficient windows where natural lighting might be utilized?

Once these questions have been answered, try to break the office down into smaller areas for analyzing. Lights in a bathroom or hallway only need to be on when these spaces are in use. One idea is to put these areas on sensors. Also, unless absolutely necessary, use LED or natural lighting in your office space to save the most money.

Computers & Other Electronics:

Electronics easily increase an energy bill. To save money on electronics, turn computers off when not in use, unplug all electronics when they are fully charged, and check energy ratings on new electronics. New, energy-efficient items will save you money in the long-run and will increase productivity now.


Though we use less paper now, unnecessary waste is still being created through mass printing. Make sure employees understand how to print double-sided, use projectors, send attachments through e-mail, and print as many of the internal documents on recycled paper as possible.


Does your office implement a recycling policy for paper and plastics?
Does your building provide recycling on site?

If you aren’t convinced already, there are several other benefits to going green. These can include creating positive PR, promoting positive images to future partners, employees, and customers, and doing your part to help the environment. Going green is not hard, but changing the attitudes of your employees can be more challenging. Make sure employees understand the green practices you put into place are permanent and create a realistic goal that staff can work towards. For example, a good goal may be to cut the energy bill by five percent in one year. Before you realize it, your company will be cutting costs and becoming eco-friendly!