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After your company decides to search for a commercial space, your first instinct may be to gather ideas from an online search. Why not? You search for everything else online! Hundreds of listings, throughout your ideal location, are at your fingertips on the web. Though this is true, be aware of the misinformation commonly found among online listings.

There are several hundred websites listing commercial real estate spaces. These websites may contain ample material of each location which discuss descriptions, statistics, photos, prices, and floor plans of a particular location.

Frequently, online listings contain numerous inaccuracies. Though websites are a convenient way to view buildings, the information stated is often old and incorrect. For example, websites commonly do not list price cuts, can Photoshop images, and sometimes even continue listing properties that are not even currently available!

Once you found the “perfect” space online, you might decide to call the listing agent and set up an appointment to tour the ultimate space without a representative. Prospective tenants may then be severely disappointed upon arrival. The space is nothing like the picture and none of the information online was correct.

In order to control this possible disappointment, call a tenant broker. Tenant representatives can verify listings found online. They are also familiar with the commercial market and what spaces are, and are not, currently listed. To speed up the process and gather the most accurate information quickly, call an experienced tenant broker who will protect your interests throughout the entire move, and at no additional cost to you.