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In order for companies to attract and retain the talent they want and need, more and more companies are looking at what drives employee productivity.

One trend that seems to be increasing is a mixed-use environment, or a campus-like setting. This allows employees to have a “one-stop shop” experience by offering amenities such as gyms, shopping, entertainment, and more, all within a quick walk from the office. Some companies may even decide to partner with these local businesses, giving employees discount programs or special incentives.

An up and coming trend with many large office parks is having local amenities come to them. Food trucks and mobile car care trucks are examples. Employees may not have the time during the day to leave the office to grab lunch or run errands, so having these types of amenities come to you is appealing.

Some companies go as far as providing social outlets for their employees. Game rooms, cafes, and gyms are a few examples. Imagine it’s the dreaded 3:00 hour on an already long Tuesday. You’ve had back-to-back-to back meetings and are now playing catch up on emails and voicemails. Your to-do pile keeps getting bigger. An employee who takes a 15 minute break to clear their head by playing video games, or grabbing some healthy, free snacks in the office café will come back refreshed and ready to tackle what’s on their plate.

There are many more options that may be more affordable for smaller, startup companies such as implementing casual Friday dress, ordering lunch for your team once a month, and setting up special days during the year where your team goes to local charities to help. Any of these can be done on a limited budget, but still have the same effect on employee productivity and retention.

The bottom line is, employee productivity is what drives your business forward, and these types of office environments are becoming increasingly more important and influential in office decisions. Companies want to hire and retain the best employees they can, and by offering incentives to their employees, productivity, and revenue, will continue to increase.