“We thought we could do this ourselves, but quickly saw the advantage of having an informed and respected advocate with Rich Commercial Realty on our team.”
— Ravila Gupta, President


Umicore USA Inc. had been in the same location for over thirteen years and wanted to revitalize their North American Headquarters by relocating their offices while also keeping their rental costs within a budget. Umicore hired Rich Commercial Realty to evaluate all of the available buildings within a desirable area, including their existing location. Their prior location had an office park environment that was comfortable for employees, though the goal was for a more central location with better located support services.


After an extensive search, Umicore made the decision to enhance the image of the company by leasing space at 3600 Glenwood, a location that had a desirable configuration, so their construction costs and rental payments were within budget. RCR orchestrated a competition for Umicore’s tenancy and was able to secure lease terms that allowed for early termination rights as well as options for future growth. Rich Commercial Realty was also able to address Umicore’s unique after hours HVAC requirement with an onsite generator.