“Experience with numerous lease and purchase transactions with Rich Commercial Realty provided the trust that enabled the confidence to ensure favorable results. I would not hesitate to recommend Rich Commercial Realty Company for the acquisition of lease or purchase properties that work for the long term success of any professional business.”
– Sepi Saidi, President


In 2002, Sepi Saidi founded Sepi Engineering and Construction. Within 4 years of founding her business, Sepi purchased her first property and subsequently opened offices in both Charlotte and Wilmington with the assistance of RCR. In 2012 the company had outgrown their 11,000 square foot Raleigh office and RCR assisted again in acquiring a neighboring 6,000 square foot building. Today, with over 300 employees, spilt between 2 buildings, and constrained for space yet again, Sepi engaged RCR to help find a leased space for their flagship Raleigh office that would allow for further growth, collaboration, and an attractive working environment to attract top talent.


After touring and test fitting both first and second generation relocation options, Sepi and her team decided to focus on One Glenwood, a new development project that would give the firm a downtown Raleigh presence. While WeWork had announced its commitment to the project, the Landlord needed an additional leased floor in order to begin construction. Armed with this knowledge as well as having attractive proposals from other properties, RCR was able to build tremendous leverage that ultimately achieved Sepi Engineering an extremely strong economic package and concessions. Taking the sixth floor for a total of 25,222 square feet, the efficient open design will certainly allow the Sepi team the collaboration that they desired and the location will provide countless walkable amenities including restaurants, financial institutions, hotels, and shops.