After many years of being located in proximity to Raleigh’s burgeoning Warehouse district, EYP’s lease was expiring and their space and building were in need of significant updates and repairs. EYP saw this as an opportunity to create a fresh, modern, and collaborative environment to mimic the success and design approach of EYP and their amazing team. RCR led a process to analyze long term space needs, sub-market growth trends, and the search for a creative outside of the box location for their firm.


RCR assisted in uncovering a few interesting and exciting opportunities for a potential relocation. RCR was able to create leverage, ultimately negotiating a very strong relocation deal within North Hills, one of the most sought-after submarkets in the Triangle. The location, 2nd story above retail, offered a truly interesting work environment with significant branding opportunity in an amenity heavy development. The unique location of the space within the building offered opportunity for EYP to use creative design solutions to showcase their talent.

RCR negotiated an above market tenant improvement allowance, and above standard delivery conditions, while also mitigating lease term exposure. The new location offered an opportunity to rethink the type of environment EYP wanted to work within, something they get to do for their clients every day. The end result is exceptional.