Distil Networks is a growing technology company that works within the Bot Mitigation and API technology area. Though Distil was originally founded in North Carolina, upon client engagement, it had grown to have offices in Arlington, San Francisco, and London and needed to grow its headcount in Raleigh. Through the Alliance of Tenant Representatives, RCR was engaged to review their current office building and help plan for rapid expansion.


RCR analyzed the deficiencies of their current space and building and assisted the corporate team in analyzing buildings that could accommodate high growth, technology, and provide a work environment to rapidly hire staff in a competitive hiring environment. RCR structured a creative grow in strategy to allow Distil Networks to lease the space they needed in the medium and long term, but not have the coinciding economic pain in the short term. RCR was able to leverage the market and building to create a very competitive deal that was structured to suit the clients needs now and into the future.