“Rich Commercial Realty helped us navigate through industry changes and the effects of those changes on our space. We found a solution that works well for us and were extremely pleased with the results. They were knowledgeable, professional, and knew our industry and based on our experience we are pleased to recommend them to any others in the medical field.”
– Pamela Scherer, Practice Administrator


Rich Commercial Realty was engaged by Blue Ridge OBGYN to analyze their current lease to see if downsizing in their current location was a possibility. Ultimately, the original landlord was not able to allow the client to downsize. Rich Commercial Realty, after exercising a pre-negotiated early termination option, assisted BROBGYN in surveying the market to create leverage in the process of selecting alternative space. As part of the process, RCR helped analyze current and future use of space in conjunction with trends in the medical industry. This analysis allowed the client to seek new property based on a highly reduced square footage, which further drove down the cost of occupancy.


Rich Commercial Realty helped Blue Ridge OBGYN reduce square footage and save a significant amount of money both short and long term. They were able to relocate to a newer building with a more functional floor plan, and are very pleased with their new landlord and property management relationship.