Corporate Services

Rich Commercial Realty operates as a strategic real estate advisor.

Rich Commercial Realty has developed a strategy that improves the effectiveness of corporate real estate strategy for our clients. For organizations that have multiple locations spread across a region or the entire United States, we are able to effectively develop and manage a process to streamline the entire real estate strategy, allowing executives to make solid information supported decisions.

Services provided include:

• Lease Abstracts for all Leased Properties
• Macro/Micro Real Estate Strategy Development
• Mergers & Acquisition Strategy
• Detailed Financial and Economic Analysis
• Leased or Owned Real Estate Disposition
• Space Planning
• Identifying Innovative Workplace Solutions
• Cost-Benefit Analyses for Lease, Purchase, or Build Decisions
• Project Management
• Asset Analysis

Note: Fees for purchasing or leasing commercial facilities are generally paid by the seller or landlord, which means no additional cost to the client. Fees for consulting services are based on hourly rates related to other services provided.