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Facing retention challenges, hiring competition, and growing occupancy costs, occupiers of space are seeking ways to better utilize their space.  Companies are creating engaging work environments to get the most out of their space and their employees.

RCR predicts some design trends for 2018, that we expect to see companies implementing in their design decisions moving forward.

  1. Programming Underutilized Space: Companies are going to pay more attention to those underutilized spaces like corners, dead ends, outdoor spaces, oversize reception areas, and law libraries.
  2. Brand and Culture: Creating the right culture and work environment allows companies to get the most out of their employees and their space.
  3. Health and Wellness: Companies are seeking opportunities to provide healthy food options, exercise, and mental time outs for employees. Further tenants are going to place a higher value on amenities like pharmacies, doctors, etc.  Some landlords are already implementing options like this within both suburban and urban office environments.
  4. Flexible Workspaces: Employees generally do not want to just sit in an 8×8 high panel cube. Companies are looking for more flexible spaces and furniture solution to provide alternative work options, flexibility, casual meetings, and interactions. Hoteling space will drive space efficiency as this touch down office space will provide a non-permanent work area for employees that also spend a portion of their time in the field.

Why?  The race to attract and retain top talent.  Look out for these trends in 2018 and let us know what you are seeing or wanting within your space.